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When speaking of stratification of seeds, the words to some extent fail to frame the way seeds are pre-germinated today. The word in fact lingers from earlier, where the dormancy of the seed was terminated, by placing alternating layers of wet sand upon seeds, followed by shoveling the layers of sand and seeds. In this way stratification means division of layers.
Today, seeds are mainly stratified in boxes or in barrels, since this makes it easier to control the water content, handling, amounts etc.
With stratification the aim is to imitate the processes a seed would undergo in a natural environment on the forest floor. Nordmann fir seeds have to be placed in a humid and cool environment to initiate germination.
Nordmann fir seeds do not germinate before the water content in the seed is at least 33-34%. Furthermore, the period necessary to terminate seed dormancy is approximately 6 weeks at about 4 degrees Celcius, for the seeds to be ready to sow in the seedbeds. For other species this process may vary.
Today’s method of stratification aims to exactly control the water content in the seed. In this way a more even germination is obtained, and at the same time the seed does not germinate as quickly as it would have normally done if it had been fully moistened to for example 40-45%.
There are several things to consider when choosing stratification methods. At Majland A/S, we use a number of stratification methods. We are constantly working to make our results perfect so that our customers benefit through large, sturdy and viable seedlings.

The production:

We do our best to produce the best possible seedlings.
This is done through streamlined production mixed with a profound knowledge about the product. We are constantly trying to refine and improve the working processes and methods used in order to stay updated with the development concerning working conditions, certification, and environmental issues etc.

Due to the increased focus on environmental issues and the reduced use of plant protection substances, Majland A/S has entered into an agreement with Egedal Maskinfabrik. Together a variety of machines and methods have made increased mechanical weeding possible.
The machines utilise GPS technology which makes them very precise and user-friendly.
Majland A/S has a wide range of products, and we can deliver 2, 3 and 4-year-old seedlings of many different provenances. In over 20 years we have intensively worked at refining and improving techniques and the care of our products, resulting in Europe’s best and strongest seedlings in terms of size and last but not least the root system.


Nordmann fir seedlings are living products and should be treated accordingly. To obtain the best possible start, it is crucial that we, and you as our customer, take good care of the seedlings during the entire process, making sure that they are treated optimally until establishment in the field.

This starts with swift and efficient lifting and sorting. We do this in the same working procedure directly in the field. The seedlings and their roots are only exposed to sun and drying out in a very short period of time to avoid stressing the seedlings. This results in the best possible starting point for further growth. Seedlings are sorted in accordance with strict standards and carefully placed unbundled in transport boxes. The transport boxes are equipped with plastic linings with airholes to allow the seedlings to “breathe”. Boxes are placed in the shade throughout the entire process to avoid the impact of sun and wind.

Seedlings already packed now only need to be wrapped using netting to ensure stability during transport. Then seedlings are transported directly into the refrigerated storage room. It takes max. 2½ hours for us to lift as well as pack and place the seedlings in the storage room, thus resulting in the freshest product possible.

At Majland A/S, we only lift seedlings to order. We do not store seedlings for longer periods of time and do not store seedlings at sub-zero temperatures during the winter period. Our philosophy is that the shortest possible way from the nursery beds to the final stand site is the most optimal for further growth.

At Majland A/S, we use boxes for transport as this type of packaging is very gentle to the plants because they do not need to be bound at the root collar, thus avoiding bud and cambium damage. Last but not least the method eases logistics considerably.


We make a virtue of extending our very gentle handling of all of our seedlings by delivering using refrigerated transport in the more “critical” periods, if possible. These “critical” periods are depend on the year, but as a rule of thumb the periods run from the 1st August to 15th September and again from 10th April to the end of the season.

Consumers should keep in mind that seedlings are living products, and should therefore be treated accordingly. They should be handled with care, and must not dry out. Prior to planting, place them in a dark and cool area – if necessary, place them in a refrigerated storage room. The boxes should be aired during the “critical” periods and the seedlings provided with water, if necessary.

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