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Majland – an old but still modern nursery

Majland – the nursery for professional Christmas tree growers throughout Europe. We aim high to be able to serve our customers in the best possible way, and we are the preferred business partner for many.
All businesses exist because of their customers, and this off course also applies to Majland. This is why our biggest focus and efforts relate to you. Without you, there would be no Majland – you are our priority number one. To be able to keep this focus and loyalty towards our customers, your feed back is always much appreciated, and this applies to both large and small matters – the essential thing is, ”how can we help you?”
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Seedlings for professional growers

Our customers have high demands on the quality of our seedlings. A quality we ensure, through:

  • Careful selection and control of seed origin
  • Optimal growing conditions
  • An innovative development of production methods

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Species in stock

“I not only buy the Christmas tree seedlings for myself, but also for my colleagues. The plants vary a bit each year, but I’m always satisfied with the quality.
We buy 3/0 plants that suit us best. We are also satisfied with the transport and packaging. All together, we consider the collaboration with Majland as being very good.” František Valdmanm

Producer of Christmas trees

“In Switzerland we primarily produce
Nordmann fir in an area of approximately 20 hectares. We also sell the seedlings to other producers in Switzerland.
For more than 10 years we have bought our plants from the company Majland in Denmark.
The quality is super, and the packaging is absolutely professional. No dried-out seedlings or damag from pressure. Every year we plant several thousand Majland seedlings. Due to the long rotation time on Nordmann fir of approximately 8-10 years, it pays to plant the high quality seedlings from Majland with a higher yield than for cheaper and poorly sorted seedlings.

In my opinion Majland, plants are the best that you can get in the market!” Hubert Keller

Producer of Christmas trees

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Keld Bøgh Rasmussen

Keld Bøgh Rasmussen

Production manager

Jacob Majland

Jacob Majland


Bengt Kvitzau

Bengt Kvitzau

Sales consultant

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