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The best way for an employer to figure out whether the workplace is a great place to work or the opposite - is by calculating the seniority among the employees. The seniority at Majland is 15 years. That’s more than most companies can compete with today. 

That means that a great deal of all the knowledge, experience and passion that has been built up in this company in production, sales, supply, and finance over the last decades is still here. And most importantly, the heads, hands, and hearts doing the actual work are pleased to be here. 

But it also means that we must be careful to avoid getting stuck in our mindsets and ways of working. Therefore, we constantly try to innovate and improve whatever can be renewed or improved.

We do not differentiate between tall or short, young or old, or whatever skin color or color of a passport a person has – but value creativity, enthusiasm and independence.



In an already increasingly demanding world, placing ever greater and more complex demands on our production in terms of quality, delivery, timing, consumption of raw materials, etc. - comes the demand for reducing the use of pesticides. We of course agree. 

Although our total consumption of pesticides is already very low – less than 10% of what is used in e.g., a banana plantation producing food for humans – we keep doing our very best to find new ways to reduce the consumption of chemicals and to combat weeds, diseases, etc. in our production. 

Our goal is to be spray-free by 2030, with a partial goal of a 50% reduction in 2026.



With increasing demands on the quality and size of our products comes the need for fertilizer. 

The fertilizer is what maintains the salt balance in the soil and ensures that our plants can grow. We use as little as possible, but enough to guarantee our customers well-supplied and healthy plants.

As with chemicals, we try to balance consumption with innovation and new thinking. Thus, we push ourselves in the direction of more biological and sustainable types of fertilizer. 



We do not water just for the sake of watering. We irrigate as little as possible, at the best possible times, as to optimize nutrient and water uptake to match the needs of the plants.

Through controlled and monitored watering, we can provide our plants with the perfect amount of water to grow and build strong and healthy root structure, which is the entire foundation for further growth.



At Majland we take our responsibility seriously regarding nature, safety and working conditions, as well as our social responsibility in general. For us, certification isn’t just a standard – but a mindset. That’s why we support the following:

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    Global G.A.P.

    The global partnership for Good Agricultural Practice.

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    Global Compact

    We support the United Nations Global Compact.

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    ISO Certified

    Majland is certified according to ISO28000:2022

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